deviantChorus(formerly called LLT no Uta), is a group project featuring most people of the group. It is basically multiple covers mixed together to create a big cover by multiple people, about the same as "Nico Nico Chorus", except it is for deviantArt.

It must be noted that this is in no way a band or the likes, but a simple project from a small artist community. It was started by Videth(who calls himself ViddyFoxy in those).


One song, multiple covers mixed into one big cover. Just like singers would in a song, the voices will be alternative and switch, except during most refrains, where everyone will be singing together. The base covers are fully done, and then one of the participants mix them all into a big cover with actually alternating singers.

Sometimes, the original voice will come along for the last refrain and what is sung afterward. The goal of the insertion of the original voice is to create a harmony that will recreate the excitement from the whole song into the last lines of the song(so yeah it does have an artistic goal).

History of the ideaEdit

Well, there's about nothing to say about it. Videth just happened to see a Nico Nico Chorus that was particularly well mixed, and thought about using the singer switching idea for group covers. This particular Nico Nico Chorus was a "Just Be Friends" cover. This is how Videth got the deviantChorus idea.

List of completed deviantChorus projectsEdit

As for now, no deviantChorus project has been completed yet. However, one is currently running.