AlchemicKami character reference, by AlchemicKami

AlchemicKami or Matsuyama(or Fur3ver on deviantArt), better known as Punky is one of the founding members of LLT. She is a digital artist and an author, she currently resides in California. 


Punky is generally very quiet and doesn't socialize much. She can be extremely silly around her friends, but has many depression phases where she doesn't really talk much. Punky tends to place a high priority on the people she cares about, leading her to act more-so for them than herself.

Like any human she can be selfish and tends to hide her problems, which can be seen from both perspectives. She also hides her feelings despite being a very honest person. She is honest to the point where she will explain her overall mood and tell the people she is talking to that "they will have to put up with it" whereas her lies tend to be small white-lies or her overt secrecy of detailed and specific emotions.

At the moment she is dating sadielizyy and has been since January of 2013.

She has a very sweet side to her, which will often lead to her listening to other people rant, comforting them or knocking some sense into them (metaphorically speaking). Punky can be quite inspirational in her speeches even if she doesn't always follow her own words they are honest and full of feeling.

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